Wall and Partition Assembly


Identify the components of a wall System

A simple but effective drag and drop activity built for a basic construction course. The learner has unlimited attempts to complete and immediate feedback is given when the click 'submit' is selected. 


 🖥️ Type: Drag and Drop

🙋Client: Blue Ridge Community College

🗓️Date: March 2024


Articulate Storyline

✅ Canva



✅Instructional Design

✅Elearning Development

✅Graphic Design

The Design Process

Initial Design 

The request from the instructor was to provide a way for the student to practice and master the terminology for common wall design.  


After editing the labels in Canva, I applied the background of the title slide and tried to capture the industrial feel of the subject matter through the rough edges and wood grain. 


This project was both fun and challenging, because figuring out the basic mechanics of a drag and drop interaction was only the beginning. I learned in this article by David Anderson about the versatility and effectiveness of drag and drop interactions, so I created triggers and variables that would color-code the right and wrong answers to provide immediate feedback to the learner when they clicked the submit button. They would then have unlimited attempts to complete the activity.