H5P Content Quest


Choose your Adventure! 

H5P content quest was my first official eLearning project, It began as a workshop offered to faculty who were looking for ideas to expand and enrich their lessons and content. It then evolved into a "guide" that could help choose from the 52+ content types and what pedagogical reasons would help them determine the best tool for their purposes.


 🖥️ Type: Training Resource

🙋Client: Blue Ridge Community College

🗓️Date: July 2023


✅Lumi (H5P desktop Authoring tool

✅ Canva

Adobe Illustrator



Instructional Design


Graphic Design


The Design Process

Initial Design 

The initial design of this project was inspired through reading multiple blog posts, articles, and eventually finding a ‘periodic table’ that categorized H5p content types based on their educational purpose. I immediately wanted to build my own version that was based on my love for pixel art and retro video games. After looking at a few templates in Canva I used an 8-bit grid template for the background and font and began the slide design process in Canva.


After categorizing each tool based on their educational purpose, a rating system framework was provided by focused prompts into ChatGPT based on the nature and scope of the project. It was designed as a heart system that would signify the difficulty in choosing a content type. Example: 1 heart = quick and easy, 5 hearts= Difficult and time-consuming.


This was a maiden voyage of discovery, trial and error, and MANY iterations. Having never created a cohesive experience in elearning before, I was not efficient in how I managed the project and spent a lot of time downloading and importing images as backgrounds into Lumi. Part of this is due to the fact that the h5p interface is extremely limited in drawing and design tools, so using an external template required adding each image on an individual basis and linking manually to the navigation buttons.

Live and learn!