Marketing Mix and the 4 P's


Define and Describe the Marketing Mix

List the 4 P's of Marketing

This is a series of micro-learning activities intended to supplement the textbook through summaries of the units, interactive elements, and knowledge checks. 

I designed this elearning course in Rise 360 to demonstrate the fluid and responsive design of the software. There are plans to create many more micro-learning modules for this course. 


 🖥️ Type: Micro-learning

🙋Client: Blue Ridge Community College

🗓️Date: Februrary 2024


Rise 360

✅ Canva

✅ Camtasia



✅Instructional Design


✅Elearning Development

✅Graphic Design

The Design Process

Initial Design 

We begin each lesson with a collaborative outline that the instructor adds to each week. The content in that outline is drawn from several sources including the text and external resources they have compiled. 


There was no need for a storyboard in this project, as the content flowed directly from the outline and each step was clearly defined. 


Even though the content in Rise 360 is incredibly sharp and smooth, I wanted to add an extra level and custom feel to the course, so i designed a pop-out interaction in Articulate Storyline using triggers to hide and show layers. 

Going forward, I plan to make more custom interactions like this but with more complexity.